How to embed Google Form inside Notion?

How to embed Google Form inside Notion?

To embed a Google form inside Notion, visit the Google Form that you want to embed inside Notion.

Click on the add on

Click on the add on on the top right corner and click on Form to Notion.

Click on Embed in Notion.

Copy the embed link

On the bottom right corner, a pop up will appear. Select the mode settings ( Light mode / Dark mode ) and hit the “ Copy Embed Link “ button.

Add the link inside Notion

Visit the Notion page where you want to embed the Google Form. Type “ /embed ” and click on Embed from the list.

Paste the URL using ( ctrl+v / command+v ) in the text box and click on Embed link button.Q

Resize the form window

Once the Google Form is embedded inside Notion, resize the Google Form size using the resizers.

It may show an error message that the form could not be embedded. This could be because:

  1. Your form is not public.

  2. Your form has "Limit to 1 response" turned on in the form settings.

  3. Your form is visible only within your G-suite organisation.

  4. Your form has sections.

  5. Your form has a File upload question.

To resolve 1 to 3, please refer our help article How to make Google Form Public?

For the 4th and 5th reasons, you can still embed your Google Form in its native form by pasting the original URL of Google Form.

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