Connecting Questions

Connecting Questions

Notion Tables are highly customisable databases. It's flexible in terms of what type of data you can save in the table. To help you store responses from Google Form inside Notion table, smoothly, we have created a mapping table. Question types in Google Form are matched with appropriate Notion properties.

You may map questions as you find it suitable. The following is just a recommendation.

Mapping Table šŸ‘€

There is a Google Form Question Type equivalent available in Notion Database, please note all types are not supported in Notion ( outlined below ).

Matching Notion Property

Google Form Question

Text Text columns in Notion can contain short or long texts. Title In Notion the first column is special. It is of property type, Title. It acts as a page in Notion which can show the all the properties of a row in a single page.

Short answer Short answer can be used for collecting short text answers. Google form also provides "Response Validation" for short answer which makes it very powerful to validate the data that is collected. People can write answers in a few words, and you can set rules that people have to follow.

Text Text property can handle long paragraphs. It is perfect for quick summaries.

Paragraph Paragraph questions can collect longer text. It can contain more than one paragraph.

Select In Notion Select is used to tag a row with a particular attribute. It can store only a single attribute. Therefore it's a match for Multiple choice question type.

Multiple choice One of the most used question types is Multiple choice, that is why is default question type in Google Forms. You can use this type of question to collect only one from the pre-defined answers.

Multi-select Multi-select can store all the answers from a Checkboxes question.

Checkboxes In this question type, user can choose more than one answer to a question.

Text You can match Dropdown against a column with Text property or you can even match it against a column with Select property, like Multiple Choice.

Dropdown This question is similar to Multiple Choice. Instead of displaying all the options at once, it shows the options as a list.

URL This Notion property can handle URLs. Once mapped, it can store the links to the uploaded files in Google Drive.

File upload This question helps users to upload a file with their answers. The files will be stored in your Google Drive.

Number This is the most ideal Notion property to store numbers.

Linear scale Linear scale questions help users to select a number from a given a range. The range can be from 0 to 10.

Date This Notion property is dedicated to storing date information.

Date To collect date from the user, Date question type can be used.

Text You can use the generic Text property to store the time data.

Time To collect time alone from the user, Time question type is used.

ā— Not supported types

Unfortunately, there is no matching Notion property to store grid type data.

Checkbox grid Checkbox grid is a collection of checkbox questions, shown as a grid.

Unfortunately, there is no matching Notion property to store grid type data.

Multiple choice grid Multiple choice grid is a collection of Multiple choice questions.

In Notion table, the first column is a special type, called Title. This acts as a page containing all other properties and lets you store comments from Notion team members as well. It is highly recommended, that at least one question in your Google Form is mapped to the Title column. Ideally, you can select the question that will have a uniquely identifiable answer to it (Like a unique key to a row of data).

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