How to install the Form To Notion?

How to install the Form To Notion?

The steps below are very straight-forward. Let's see the one-by-one.

Before you start the connection steps, we recommend creating a Notion Table in your workspace first. In the last step of the connection, you need to select a Table (That has to store the form responses), so better early than late 😎

Install the add-on

Our add-on is listed in Google Workspace Marketplace. Visit this link to install the add-on.

Open your Google Form

Once the add-on is installed, select the Google Form that you want to integrate with Notion. On the top-right, under Add-ons, you will find Form to Notion listed there.

Next, you will get the add-on menu as shown above. Select Connect to Notion from the menu.

If you see no options in this add-on menu, it could be due to poor internet connection. it's a known issue with Google add-ons. Please reload the page and you will see the options.

Authorise Notion

At the bottom right corner, the add-on will open a sidebar with the button, Connect to Notion. Click on that to proceed with Notion authorisation.

A new window will open up, where you can select the Notion workspace which contains the table.

  1. Make sure to check correct Notion account is selected in case if you have access to Multiple Notion workspaces.

  2. Click on Select pages.

Select your table. If you have multiple tables that you want to try, select all of them and click on Allow access.

Choose your Notion table

Now that you have connected with Notion, you can choose your Table ( 1 ) and map Google form questions ( 2 ) to respective columns and hit Save ( 3 ).

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